Am I Creating Art, or Playing in Paint? blog #4

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Happy Friday everyone! Today I reflect on a part of my journey where I was constantly made to feel like what I was doing was just for fun, I was just playing in the paint! That’s what I kept hearing anyways, from some of the most important people to me. Please let me be clear, these comments were not made in malice, or with ill intent. However, those comments were what they were thinking to themselves, at least in my opinion at the time.

This made me feel so small, adolescent, and like a loser. I was trying to create something someone somewhere would find beautiful enough to put in their home, in their life. But on more than a few occasions, I was made to feel like a waste, unworthy.

Anyone starting a totally new journey, trying to make something from nothing, and going against the grain is bound to face hard times, especially the emotional ones. But was the issue that I allowed comments and opinions to make me feel this way, or was the issue that I believed them?

Now I could insert a long story here about how I discussed this with those people. And if someone is making you feel like this, you should have that conversation too. But through persistence and determination, I trekked forward and kept at it, playing in the paint, as I did not feel this way about myself or about what I was trying to do. Although I recognized things that were holding me back in my craft and what I needed to improve on, but I knew I had potential, and if I continued to see this through I could make something of myself. If I gave up now, and believed those opinions and put merit into those comments, then they would be right because nothing would ever come of all this work, and great things do not happen overnight, or without negativity from others!

I leave each of you with this; what you think of yourself will forever be more important than what anyone else thinks of you. Art, of any kind is subjective, so prepare for criticism and take it in stride. And if you truly believe that the path you’re on is where you are supposed to be, then blaze your trail, and yes play in the paint!       Christeen

2 thoughts on “Am I Creating Art, or Playing in Paint? blog #4

    • Christeen says:

      Thank you! This post was very personal for me but if I am feeling like this, than I know there are others, and since sharing is caring I wanted to post it. Thanks for being an active reader and subscriber!

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