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Welcome readers to your Monday blog spot! Today I am super amped to not only discuss something very cool, but also someone very talented! Hopefully, you recall my #3 blog about community, and if not… wink wink scroll down and read it 😉 anyways reiterating a bit, community for an artist is super important for many reasons. My community brought me together with Antonias_Heartistry. More than this brand, the artist behind it all, Tinna Marie, embodies the meaning of being part of a community. She has supported her community in many ways, such as hosting paint and sip parties, lol yes that is exactly as it sounds! She has hosted paint parties for youth, and supports other artists by attending their workshops and sharing their work. She is going to be a featured artist at a new sports stadium in her area, and perhaps my favorite fact about this wonderful artist is that she purposely abandons her artworks in places she is visiting to spread beauty and joy to unsuspecting strangers. Right!

This leads me to the title of my blog, Artist Trading Cards (ATC). When I first came across Antonias_Heartistry on Instagram, it was over a post to join an ATC group. I could not help it, I was curious and wanted to know more about what the heck an ATC is and how it works. So I expanded my community and joined her ATC group. An Artist Trading Card is just like a baseball card, same size and everything but instead of a player and their stats on it, its blank and the artist can create whatever they desire, then just like baseball cards, you trade them with other artists. I immediately loved this idea and was glad I joined. As I did more research into this newfound hobby, I learned this movement has been around since 1997! It was started in April 1997 by Swiss artist Vänçi Stirnemann, who called the project “A Collaborative Cultural Performance,” (Artist Trading Cards, 2020) I call it a movement! The idea around these mini tradeable pieces of art was to get people from all different backgrounds and demographics to participate in an art project, something that had nothing to do with the art market; buying and selling art (Wikipedia, 2019). The project may no longer be monitored but it is still going strong over 20 years later. If this intrigues you, I suggest you check out the official ATC website @

I was so surprised by how large the ATC community was, and immediately started to gather what I needed to make my first ATC. I was even more floored when I found that there are all sorts of blank ATC’s available for purchase, for some reason I thought I would need to cut down canvas or card stock to the proper size! There are different shapes, colors, and material types for ATC’s. Ok this is crazy, and how did I not know about this? My ATC mentor, Tinna Marie shared with me some of her collection from all over the world and it was inspiring. If this is something you may want to participate in check out the Facebook group Love of Art ATC Swap

Since I commonly use acrylic paint I bought Strathmore 400 series ATC’s for Acrylics, however there are many different kinds for different Medias, such as watercolor or oil paint. You can even buy mini envelopes for them! Ok allow me to tame my enthusiasm just a bit lol!

I write this blog to share a piece of my journey in the studio with you each week, and I often share experiences with you that are perhaps lessons learned. However, today I wanted to share an encounter on social media that led not only to a cherished addition to my community, but also  an entire new chapter in my book of art; ATC’s!       Christeen

Images Above from left to right: Christeen Street Studios first ATC, Tinna Marie, Favorite ATC Created by Antonias_ Heartistry


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