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Its Friday the 13th everyone. Today is a special day, as it is not only Friday the 13th, but it is also a full moon tonight and the harvest moon. Combine these cosmic events with perfect southern California weather and you truly have something worth getting outside and witnessing. Now I know by the time you read this the celestial event will have already passed, but it is events like these that get people together; people joining together to be a part of something special. That is a community. As an artist, I have come to realize how important community is. Being part of a group of like-minded individuals all going through a similar journey, and learning a similar trade is powerful.

Community today can, and in some cases mostly exists on social media. Facebook and Instagram are two places an artist can become part of a community. Now I am sure 99% of those reading this are already part of one, but in case you are not, joining a group on Facebook that is related to the artwork you create or what you want to create is a great place to start. If on Instagram, you simply get out there, share your work and start following others. These are two places you can meet people with similar experiences and all with the same passion. Let us not forget the more traditional community of friends, family and word of mouth. Again, powerful tools needed to spread awareness about your work, and to learn from others.

My community has helped me as an artist in multiple ways, like my first sale for example. My sister and a friend were discussing d├ęcor, and my sister mentioned my art. After looking at what I had posted on social media, I made my first sale to Marabelle Blue @MarabelleBlue on Twitter, a big thank you, and forever grateful. More than a sale, I find speaking with Marabelle Blue is always delightful and genuine; a friendship has formed out of the experience. This leads me to my next point that community is not just about making a sell; it is also about sharing experiences. For instance, an artist I follow on Instagram LJ Benedict @pour.myheartout held a giveaway. All one had to do was post their story about how they got into art. So I left my story, as many others already had. Then to my surprise, LJ contacted me and told me I was the winner. The prize was a beautiful painting, made with colors inspired by my story. Incredible! No doubt do I enjoy seeing her new creations. Most importantly though, this was not just amazing because someone liked my story, or because I won something, but because my story inspired someone, and I was inspired by the experience. Christeen

liquid metal
My First Sale ‘Liquid Metal’
painting I won
Painting I won from
pour. myheartout

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