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Happy chilly Monday readers, today I want to discuss something I won off an Instagram giveaway; a master art class! How cool is that!  An incredible mixed media artist Jane Monteith @janelovesdesign held a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner. The class is focused on texture and collage and when signing up to win the class we were asked what we would be looking forward to learn from the class? I had no idea how to answer that question as I am a self-taught artist and have no formal training; I am 100% a student of the game. With no idea what to expect from such a class I answered honestly, and I am so glad I did! The layout of the program, the functionality of the site, the overall design, and most importantly the content, are all top notch and so beautifully done. Jane is so pleasant to watch and listen to and as she says in the beginning of the video when getting started she decided to leave the video/ process somewhat raw so you can get a real feel of her process, not just the technical aspects behind it. That element makes the videos so pleasant to watch and it leaves nothing to question, it’s all out there in the open and I love that! Thank you Jane!

Now full disclosure, I have not been going at the pace the class has been going, but rather keeping my own pace. But WOW, I am only a portion of the way through the class and I have already learned so much about different paints, finishes, and mediums it’s crazy! I love it when I can learn some of the science behind the products that aid us in creating. I find it fascinating to learn how certain chemicals in products react to others or how you can use them with others to create something entirely different. I am not even done with my master class yet and I have already created a piece that I am super happy with, and proud of! If you want to see it you will either have to wait until I post pics of it on my Instagram (@ChristeenStStudios) or be part of Janes Facebook group, which I do believe is for us exclusive members of her class! (I’m smiling while I type this part cuz its fun being part of something exclusive, wink wink).

As a self-taught artist, I very much appreciate Jane’s decision to leave the video raw, and not overly edit it, because it is something I have always wondered; how does my process compare to other artists, especially successful artists like Jane Monteith. Not that it is necessarily a good thing to compare yourself to anyone, but as part of a learning curve, it is something I have always wondered. Truth is, there is not a method that fits every artist or project for that matter, nor is there a super formal way to do things that will make you more of a professional artist, it’s just what works for you in your space. This was nice to see, as a self-starter one cannot help but be curious; is there is some magical formula art school teaches you on how to approach and start your artwork. I am getting an up-close look at Janes work and process, which is equally amazing, but it gives the student (myself) an in-depth look at another artist working habits and like I said process. As noted earlier, many times we think that a professional artist has to have super professional techniques and methods to creating. However, Jane takes me back a bit when saying don’t really think about it. As a certified over thinker this goes against the very grain in which I live LOL!!!! Hahaha! But really, she is so right about not thinking and just sort of doing. Abstract art is very much that; just doing. Which is perhaps why, as an over thinker, it is the hardest part for me, but I’m learning to be more and more comfortable with the idea of just letting my mind stop and my artistic autopilot take over.

Furthermore, as a self-taught artist it is courses like these that really help push us into the next level of our art journey. It certainly has helped me step my game up. I have taken several courses like this in the past and none of them were as clean, clear, and well thought out as this one is. I have no idea about costs or anything like that, but I can certainly say that this class would be a great investment for those looking to step up their texture game or are interested in starting collage work. I cannot wait to share with you what else I learn from finishing this course and what I end up creating! A big thank you to Jane Monteith for making me her giveaway winner, I am truly grateful, blessed, humble, and happy! Christeen

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  1. Sam D says:

    Hi Christeen,
    I love following your learning process. Not only can that help other artists, but it really applies to anyone. I am so grateful that we live in an age where we can learn things so readily, and that there are so many people sharing their information they have.

    Great blog post!

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