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Hello and happy Monday readers! I hope your Christmas was joyous and full of love this year. With Christmas being over, we can reflect back on our holiday season, the gifts, the love, and the experiences we all had. I want to share a very fond experience I had in the studio back in November when I had just started making some gifts and decorations; insert my husband into the mix and a fond memory was born.

This year, for the first time I bought glass Christmas tree bulbs to finish. I bought some to make as a gift set, but I also bought a few just to play with, again, as I have never worked with blubs before. Since they came in a pack of two, I had one to spare so-to-speak. I thought it would be fun to have another join in with me so naturally, my hubby wanted to participate, and I was so glad for it, as playing is always better with a friend!

So began the preparation; setting out paints, brushes, rags, a water well to clean brushes, and of course glitter at the ready. Setting up workstations at the table so we each had everything we would need within hands reach. With both of us ready to let our inner child run wild, and anticipating just what we will create, we get set at the table and dive in. First, starting off with some very deep thought as to what each of us will create, when we each had an idea on what we wanted, we began with childlike glee! My husband decided he wanted to paint a forest filled with snow, a full moon, and sparkling stars. I decided to go with snowflakes of all different designs.

As we begin, both deep in concentration to make our first paint marks perfect, we start to share ideas of our pieces, and explain what we are doing. Then that childlike giddy kicked in high gear for my husband. He shakes his leg, which shakes the table. He is fidgety and every time he reaches for something, anything, he hits the table, bump here bump there, everywhere a bump bump! Reaching for the water well to clean off his paintbrush he spills the water. Then his indecisiveness for which color to use causes the water to clean your brush with to become so dirty, it is no longer doing what it was intended for.

Talk about an amateur! LOL! This made me realize a few things about my husband and myself. First, as if I needed any more proof, my husband is just a big kid, which I adore and keeps us a balanced pair, as he is still very much a kid, and I am very much not. Second, for the first time in a while I really felt like a professional. Perhaps more like a grade school art teacher, but none-the-less, it was a good feeling. It forced me to reflect on how far I have come with my art. Now I will admit, a few times I got frustrated with all the bumping, but I quickly realized that this is what it’s all about! After that, I was able to laugh at my husband for his quirks and adolescent heart. Eventually the bulbs we made will break, or get damaged and thrown away or even lost, but it is the memory I will have forever!

All too often we forget about the journey and solely focus on the destination. However, it is the journey that we remember; the destination is just a side note, a point B, an ending. Be careful not to miss the journey, or you will miss out on life! After all, that old saying has withstood the test of time for a reason; Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Until next week, I wish you a happy, healthy, and safe New Year’s celebration! Christeen

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