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Welcome readers to your Monday’s blog post. I hope the past week was a productive one for you. I would like to say it was for me as well. However, dealing with some health issues has slowed me down to say the least, and now you guessed it, I am lacking motivation. Being tired and feeling off has certainly affected my art, and my motivation to create it.

However, today I was speaking with a friend through Facebook and it was so wonderful to have someone to relate to, and talking to someone with such drive and passion for creating inspired me. This instantly picked my spirit up and I found some motivation to get my butt in gear. It also motivated me to do a blog post, so double bonus. I have discussed before the importance of a community for an artist, and this is a perfect example.Many things can help get our motivation up and creative energies flowing. Sometimes having a conversation with a friend is all you need. Sometimes it will take a bit more, but the important thing is that we try to find what motivates us so we can get back to creating. Some amazing ways to get motivated and or find inspiration is to look through the endless photos and paintings available online. If you do not know where to begin to look, check me out on Twitter, as I post, and repost daily some amazing pieces of art and photography @ChristeenStStu ( ). Other ways to find inspiration is to try a new technique, something you have never done before yet always wanted to. Go for it, try it, see how you like it, how does your first attempt turn out? This will surly give you motivation to try the technique again, and see how you can improve. This will also get your hands dirty so to speak, and when that happens, it tends to get creative juices flowing and one thing leads to another. I have also found Pinterest to be a great place to find inspiration and new ideas to try, and if you were wondering, is Christeen on there, well yes I am @ChristeenStreetStudios ( ). I have a ton of boards with a wide range of things that will definitely get you going. If your on Instagram check me out @Christeen St Studios ( )

Just in case you’re thinking it, this is not a plug to get you to follow me on various social media sites, well perhaps just a little hehe, but really, it’s more about an artist trying to lift up and support other artists and crafters. I am not paid from any social media sites or advisers; I am just trying to share with you various methods, simple as that.

So until next week, please please do what you can to find motivation to create, seek out and find what inspires you, then run with it. Do not hold back, you owe it to yourself and to those who believe in you! Lastly, always remember, I believe in you. Christeen

2 thoughts on “Lacking Motivation, blog # 10

    • Christeen says:

      Aww thank you. I have seen how important community is for artists, and I am so lucky to be part of a great art community. The biggest difference with an art community from other communities, say a business community is that we naturally try to help other artists and lift others up, versus other communities are super competitive and operate in a dog- eat- dog manner.

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