Sugar and Spice Candle set


Give more than just candles this holiday season with these keepsake jars!

The smell of Sugar & Spice and everything nice fills the air with these festive candles. These are not just candles, but also keepsake jars when the candles have burned themselves out. Each lid is hand painted/ poured and tripple sealed for durability. Each candle is handmade and hand poured. Made to be the perfect sent for smaller spaces and rooms.

All candles at Christeen Street Studios are made from 100% all natural ingredients. Upcycled glass jars are painstakingly saved year round, sanatized and upcycled to make candles in keepsake jars.

Each glass jar hold approx 4- 5 ounces of liquid, and each jar slightly varies in size as well as lid shape.

When the candle is burned down to its end, set lid aside, rinse glass jar with boiling hot water (this may be needed multiple times). When glass jar is clean, allow to air dry or dry with a cloth or papertowel, replace lid, and use the jar to display your goods. Enjoy!

This is a one-off item, no duplicates

Never burn candle with lid in place, burn on heat resistant surfaces, and allow candle to cool before replacing lid. Never leave lit candle unattended.


The flame on the wick is really small, is that normal? Yes, as the candles are filled to their maximum compasity, to fix this simply light candle and tip jar to pour out some excess wax, return candle to upright position and continue to burn.