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Before I jump straight into my first blog posting I would like to thank each one of you that took the time to read this, moreso to those who subscribe. This blog is about my journey as an artist, and the very real triumphs and failures that come alone with it. Thank you and forever grateful, Christeen

Any adult I know shudders at the thought of quitting their job without another one lined up. Second that, most people wish they could quit their job. Killing yourself for someone else’s business, your days spent as a company drone and all your time is occupied by doing something you are not passionate about, simply put, it is what pays the bills. Now this in no way implies everyone hates their job, but for the majority of those out there, I can relate.

I was one of those people who hated my job, gave the best of what I had to offer to the company I had served at for a decade, and all for nothing. Now that’s not how I felt in the beginning of my time there, and that is not where the complete story begins. I’m sure you have all been there at one point in time where you work your ass off, go beyond your job duty and pay grade for that promotion that you can never quite grasp. Yep, that was me, on my way to an MBA and still somehow not having ‘it’. After working on projects and serving a higher position to prove I had ‘it’ I continued to get nothing. As I grew tired of the silent treatment, I pretty much gave up. Now there is a long story here that leads up to me quitting my job but that is irrelevant now. After discussing things with my family, I quit. I just quit. The plan was to finish my MBA and find a job, simple right! Not so much, now there were many factors that were working against me at the time, too many to ramble on about anyways but real life happens and plans change.

Fast forward a year later and outside of continuing to complete my master’s degree, I spent my time doing things I had not had the luxury of doing since I was in high school. I was back at it, making gifts for friends and family and then I realized, WOW, I’m good at this. Then after making a birthday gift for my sister, she reinforced what I had thought and said I really had something here. I continued to learn and experiment and knew I wanted to try to make a business out of my art. You know, not just one of those things you always say you’re going to do because it makes you feel better but know you will never really do, no, not that. More like, I am going to write down a business plan and goals and grow my inventory, and continue to learn new techniques, and really see this through, make a living being an artist.

I suppose I can say the rest is history, but it’s not. It is today, it is right now. Every day I work towards making this more of a reality. Every day I learn something new, experiment, grow my network and audience, and occasionally something amazing is created in the process.

Staring over in my 30s is just about the hardest thing I have ever done, and am still doing. But how do we know until we try, right! This journey of mine has taught me so much already, and every day is a new adventure. That is what this blog is all about, the journey. As I grow as an artist, I learn new things and face new obstacles. Every week I want to bring you some of these things and share with you part of my journey. This is about being real, the real struggle of trying to turn nothing into something, about starting over. About pride and providing for your family, contributing to your household, but also trying not to compromise what you are passionate about.

So until next week, if you find yourself reminiscing about how you used to paint, or draw, assemble model cars, make jewelry,  just used to be creative,  regardless of what you call it, if you are missing that thing that used to really make you happy, that thing that made you, you; then go do it! Even if it is a painting with supplies you got from the dollar store, life is too short and should not revolve around the daily grind, at least not all of the time anyways.   Christeen

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    • Christeen says:

      Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and am glad you decided to subscribe. I know you will love next weeks post. See you Monday!

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