Card Making

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Happy Monday readers, I hope the day finds you well. Last week I featured a wonderful artist Tinna Marie, how we came to meet as well as Artist Trading Cards. This week our art journey’s, or as she would say our heART journeys bring us together again with an incredible package that she sent me full of all sorts of things. Many of which are things needed to do stamping and embossing for greeting card making. Before I go on, I have shout out to Tinna Marie again for sending me such a wonderfully jammed packed box of goodies, much love and respect! This box of goodies contains some things I have been eager to try to step up my card making game.

Let me start off by saying there are so many things to try and tools to use when it comes to stamping and embossing; just card making in general can be overwhelming, or if you’re like me, have no idea where to begin. Luckily, Tinna Marie sent me what I needed to get started, and started I did!

Stamping is self-explanatory; however, today it is much more advanced than your grade school days. There are so many tools available it’s hard to keep up, and perhaps impossible to be knowledgeable about it all. The clear stamps and stamping blocks are simply amazing. Moreover, I understand now what all the rage is about the Misty boards and I absolutely want one.

Embossing is an entirely new process for me. Breaking it down, it is commonly used with stamps, embossing ink or an embossing pen, and embossing powder. Concisely, you apply the ink to your stamp, stamp your card as desired (or use your embossing pen to draw a design), and then sprinkle the stamped area with the embossing powder. Tap off the excess powder and what is left should be stuck to the stamped area. Take a heating gun and heat the stuck on powder until it is virtually melted in place. It is mesmerizing to watch, and provides results that do not flake off like certain glitters and adhesives. You can pretty much get every color imaginable as well as glitters. Moreover, embossing not only provides a permanent touch to your card making, but also a dimensional one. This is great for adding texture and dimension to your hand made greeting cards or Artist Trading Cards.

Today, I have clearly refrained from going into too much detail about the processes behind stamping and embossing, and that is on purpose. I am a newbie when it comes to these things and by all means am not qualified to teach anyone how to do it. However, using both stamps with ink and embossing, I can see it clearly provides great details that are hard to achieve without them. For years now I have used Mod Podge and nail glitter to embellish my handmade greeting cards, however it is hard to add much depth and fine detail. I also very much like that with embossing you can get different finishes, such as high gloss or matte, the options are nearly endless!

I felt this blog was important to share as it is my journey expanding to new ventures, and it is another very real example of what it means to be in an art community. However, I’m off to create ATC’s and greeting cards so until next week! Christeen