Is It Almost Halloween or Christmas?

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Hello readers, its October, and I’m getting ready for Christmas. Wait, what? Yes that is correct, it’s nearly a week until Halloween and I’ve been working on getting my online gift shop ready for the Christmas shopping season starting in November. I find this crazy, as this does not even mention how many other makers, artists, and crafters say I’m late and should have been doing this in September! WHAT!!??

None-the-less, I’m happy to be so busy. I’ve had an influx in sales, which of course is wonderful, so between commission work and preparing for the shopping season, I have plenty to do, multiple projects goings, and boy does my studio show it! My desk is full of things, different things, some things I need right now, other things I will need eventually lol. This is not my usual work habit, as I like clean, tidy, and organized. Buy hey whatcha going to do right!

This reminds me of a crafty post one of my art BFFs posted, “You can’t expect me to be creative and organized!” LOL I love that, as I feel this sums up my working space right now. But that’s ok, I feel it’s like a badge of honor, having an unorganized studio because of all the work I’m doing. I will take that any day over having a clean studio because I have nothing to do!

In addition, I wanted to bring light to the subject that the holiday shopping season is a very big deal to us makers, artists, crafters, and those of us that make handmade goods. So many of us depend of the holiday sales to help jump us into the New Year. So today, although this is a short and sweet blog post, where I will leave you is planting the seed to shop small business, to shop handmade, to shop local this holiday season. It means more to the maker than you could probably ever realize, and the money is truly being spent in a place that really does appreciate your business! Christeen