While I’ve Been Away

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Wow does time fly! Welcome back readers to my blog, I have to acknowledge my absence since March. First, I am very happy to announce a big part of why I have not posted any new blogs in a while is because Christeen Street Studios has officially moved. While it seems I shall never get finished moving in and everything put just how I want it, I am back to work creating new things in my new studio and have new stories and experiences to share.

This brings me to my next reason for having stopped blogging; I felt what I was blogging about was, well what everyone else is blogging about. I actually read a crafters blog back in March and I was surprised about how similar our blogs were. Then I saw this was an old blog back from 2009! That really got me down and honestly, I completely lost all motivation to continue writing. However, after a while, as I thought more and more about it, I knew I needed to get back at it and continue to share my experiences and my work. Not to mention I have had a few friends and family members ask me several times when I was going to get back at it. To my surprise, they actually missed my blog. Say what now!?

Well, here I am avoiding the sweltering heat in my studio and blogging instead.

So what to talk about?

What have I been up to?

Well I’m glad you asked! First, I’m super happy to say I finally got to try my hand at using epoxy resin to make things. It is a ton of fun, incredibly detailed, and wow can things go wrong fast! In addition, like everything else there is a learning curve to it. Epoxy resin is a chemical, so there is much to learn about, like how the resin reacts to other materials, and to itself; too little hardener and it will not cure correctly, too much hardener and same thing! Its tedious work but once I can manage to get it down I will have amazing creations to share with you all. Unfortunately, so far my resin and hardener mixes have not exactly been ideal and let me just say we have some limp bookmarkers on our hands lol! I’m sure I will figure something to do with them, but more about resin later.

I also finally got my Facebook business page up and going, you can find me @ChristeenStreetStudios

I’m getting ready to hold a photoshoot for a 3 piece series I’m incredibly happy with. The series focuses on texture, dimension, the three astrological elements (sun, moon, and stars) as well as the three major metal elements (gold, silver, and copper). However, taking good photographs of art, at least for me, is harder than actually creating the art itself ha-ha! Nevertheless, I’m getting there. This reminds me of a popular real estate broker Ryan Serhant, he has a saying that is pithy and well, excellent to try and adopt; grow always, in all ways! I love that! Part of what I do, or at least what I am striving to do as an artist is grow always in all ways! Therefore, if I need photos taken, then I’m going to have to learn how to take really good photographs! So until then, I guess you will need to continue to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and everywhere else I’m on, that you probably haven’t even heard of lol. So check out my feed, I’ve snuck a few photos of work in progress in there!

Although you may already know these next things I’ve been up to from following me on social media, I will say briefly what I’ve been up to is work! Commissioned art! Yes, paid art jobs! I know right, I’m happy too! I have had a commissioned triptych, two commissioned pieces for a special effects artist, I completely refinished a canister for a client to match their space, and among other things…drum roll please… I was asked to create background art for an upcoming E-book! I was and am so excited, humbled, grateful, blessed for these experiences. Every project I do I learn something, and am so happy to be working during this difficult time in our country. But before I get carried away, I will save all these stories for another day and blog spot.

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