Slow Going, blog #11

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Hello all, and happy Monday.

As the title describes, things have been slow going in the studio the past month or so. I have been dealing with some health issues and that has really slowed me down, I would say my creating is moving as slow as molasses on a cold winters nigh. Ok I love saying that lol! But really, the slow going is frustrating, and although I am just starting to get back into my groove again, this super slow down period has made me think about others out there that always have to be slow going. People with disabilities or physical limitations may go through this daily, and it’s not just for a short period of time. So how do they deal, how do they get past the frustration of their mind moving faster than their body? Or how about when we get older and inevitably, we slow down, but remembering when we were younger and how much more we were able to accomplish.

I have pondered those thoughts to myself over these past several weeks and I realized that I should not be frustrated, but thankful that it’s not something more serious, that I am and will be able to get back to my normal speed in the studio eventually. Still, it leaves me wondering how others do it; cope with their limitations, especially those with permanent limitations. I try to imagine how you feel and I can understand, as these past two weeks have opened my eyes to it.

I believe everything in life is a process, including dealing with our own limitations, physical or otherwise. How we keep our spaces organized, how we work, how we will accomplish a project is all considered beforehand. It all becomes premeditated; everything must be considered before it is actually done. This premeditation, the forethought is exhausting, and for those of you out there that have never had to consider this, you are lucky as your mind does not have to constantly think about all these things, you just do it, without thought, without the effort it takes to preplan your every move and possible need. I have found this takes up so much space in my mind, and again I think how blessed I am that this is just temporary for me.

So in light of these new revelations of mine, I ask my readers to engage this post and share your stories of your limitations, if you have any, and how you cope. How do you still manage to get things done, to continue your craft? I would love each of you to share your story in a comment so we can all help one another. As I said last week, sharing is caring! Until next week, Christeen