When Things Go Right, blog #7

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Happy Monday everyone. Once again reflecting on the weeks past in the studio. I know I have discussed previously when nothing works right. But what about when they do? Oh my, I was taken back by that thought, things working right! I know this is something anyone can relate to, having nothing to do with art, but so many times things do not go as planned that we become accustomed to it.

So when something does actually turn out how we want, we have no idea how to react. At least I didn’t. I had practiced and practiced, said my prayer to the art Gods and began my pour. In the end I was so elated it turned out how I had imagined it in my head for so long, I wanted to do a cartwheel! I immediately remembered I have never been able to do one of those in my entire life, and instead began taking photos to share on social media, and with my family.

The core reason I wanted to share this story with all of you today is this; I was so excited something had turned out right I immediately began sharing my work, and to my disappointment the feedback was less enthusiastic than I was imagining. Now I’m doing a happy dance alone in my studio and I guess I just thought when I shared what I had created with family they would be equally excited and do a figurative happy dance with me wherever they were in the world. But instead I got the blow of all blows ‘its ok’. My happy cloud that was soaring quickly came crashing down. But why? Why did the all devastating ‘ok’ kill my high? The answer is simple; I let it. Before I continue, I have to say that of course an artist should care about what others think of their work, but never ever forget art is subjective. Back to it, I was happy with what I created and that is all that mattered, not being prepared for the subjectivity that comes with the territory is what shook me.

As an artist, no one, myself included, ever sets out to create something everyone will like, love, or understand. And I don’t want to create something that is so generic that no emotion or thought is put to it. Ok, so not everyone, family included, will like everything you do, good. Even if they do not like it, what you created made them feel something, made them think of why this does not work or make sense to them. That is what art is about: thinking and feeling. Until next week, try to have thick skin, and always remember if you love it, than its good enough! Christeen