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Monday is here, and it’s time to reflect on the weeks passed. Something that comes along with being a newbie artist is experimenting. I have said it before; I do it so much that experimenting is second nature. Part of growing as an artist means pushing yourself, trying new things, and working with different material.

This week in the studio, I embellished a Dutch pour for the first time with glitter. Now this was not my first Dutch pour, nor was it the first time working with glitter, but I have never taken a dried painting and added glitter. If I made any mistakes, it would ruin the painting. But as many artists are guilty of, myself included, I did not know when to stop, and I put down adhesive and added those beautiful sparkly flecks of happiness to my painting.

Wait for it… my mental training kicked in and I prepare myself for the worst, expect it and the destruction you caused will be, tolerable. As I wait for the glue to dry my mind races, playing out all the possible outcomes that await.

After the adhesive is dry, I carefully tap off the excess glitter back into the container from which it came, as to not waste any. Holding my breath I look over the painting and to my delight, it is beautiful! The glitter was exactly what this piece needed, and it all worked out as I intended! Victory!

You may be thinking ok, so what is the big deal? You did what you intended to do. Yes, but what you do not know is what goes on behind the scene; the three failed attempts to get a Dutch pour blown out just right, the work it takes to clean off the paint and prep the canvas for another attempt, the wasted material and frustration. But mostly, you do not know how much time and patience that went into the painting. Then to risk destroying something you worked on for weeks for that extra bit of flair.

The risk may not always be worth it, this week it was; next week will be something different. But one thing is certain; remember to celebrate your victories, especially the small ones!  Christeen

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2 thoughts on “Trying New Things, blog #5

  1. Sam says:

    From this point forward I will forever refer to glitter as beautiful sparkly flecks of happiness.

    Congratulations on a great outcome!

    • Christeen says:

      LOL! If you like glitter as much I do, and Im thinking you do, then that really is what they are. Just a sparkly bit of happiness does a body good, or mind or piece of art! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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