Artist Bio

This is not a story about an amazing epiphany that leads to the discovery of an amazing talent hidden within the weary. This is the story of me taking a leap of faith into the unknown and going against what is considered the social norm. This is also not my entire life story, more so a series of events that led up to me becoming a maker, an artist. It begins with the usual story of being overqualified, under-appreciated, and thus being miserable at your job. No matter what I did, it was not enough; although I was told by upper management we will do this and that to help you advance, nothing ever happened, and no action was taken.

Growing tired of the silent treatment, I continued on to my master’s degree somehow hoping it would make a difference, yet still nothing changed. Then one day I was accused of stealing company time and long story short, that killed what little faith and respect I had for that company. After discussing things with my husband and family and having their support, I went against the social norm and quit my job. I spent the next year and a half finishing my MBA and looking for a job. In the meantime, I was also doing something I had not done since I was teenager, and that was being creative.

After making some gifts for a few friends and family members, I realized I really did have a talent. For the first time in a long time I felt I was finally in my lane, I was where I was supposed to be all along. Since then I have been working on refining my craft, and expanding my media. I have come so far already, and still  have so far to go. I am excited and looking forward to that journey. I realize most people would never have such an opportunity to quit their job and chase their dream, so I am so grateful and blessed to have the family I do. Without them, I would never have been able to do this. 

Whether it is an original piece or something I have revisioned, I hope you enjoy my art.

Sincerely, Christeen