Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Hello readers, it’s Monday and that means a new blog post. I have been working on a collaboration with three other amazing artists that I’d like to share with you. I am working with a lovely lady whom you should be familiar if you recall my blog titled ATC. Tinna Marie also known as @Antionias_Heartistry on Instagram; Tinna Marie organized the collaboration. We also have with us Jen from @Paint.Pour.and.More from IG who is a talented and successful fluid artist. Lastly, joining us is Cyndrya from @CyndryasCrafts on IG. Cyndrya can make amazing things with yarn and crochet, my personal favorite is her crochet flowers, and as you all know I am on IG @ChristeenStStudios.

Now that the gang is all introduced I want to start out by saying that it so wonderful to be working with such a talented group of women, and how excited  I am as we come closer and closer to the giveaway. Our collaboration is a fun way of sharing a little bit of our talent with our followers. However, I will keep the details of the giveaway quiet, sorry guys you will just have to wait until the giveaway is officially announced. Moreover, this collaboration is a way to help each other reach new audiences and grow their brand. For me personally growing my brand is perhaps one of the most important things to me right now. Being able to be accompanied by three other amazing talents is not only a bonus in-of-itself, but also a boost in confidence. Now back to the giveaway; this being the first one I have been a part of, the idea of the event has motivated me, sparked new ideas, and is challenging me as an artist. Giveaways and collaborations are a great way to help promote your brand as well as promote the artists you believe in. However, the real reason this collaboration is more than just four like-minded artists working together, is because it is yet another example of how important community is to an artist. Without wonderful people like these, networking, self-marketing, and self-advertising would be more difficult than it already is. I know I have talked about this in multiple posts now, but that is because it is so important, and has been such a major part of my own art journey that certainly it must be something that I share.  

In order to evolve, an artist or not, you must keep learning and trying new things, new experiences help us grow, in all ways. There is a TV show character that has a saying that goes something like ‘grow always, in all ways’ that really nails it on the head. As an artist, I want to keep trying new things and challenging myself. Working in a collaborative project is a great way to accomplish that. Therefore, until next week, I encourage each one of you to challenge yourself by working in a collaborative effort. Good luck 😉  Christeen