My Signature Style, blog #15

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Happy Monday readers, and since this is the first blog post of 2020, Happy New Year to you as well, I hope the New Year has treated you well thus far. All this rhetoric about New Year, New Me is a bit much, none-the-less it has got me thinking about well…me. Ok that and my therapist, but that is an entirely different story lol. Back on topic, I was thinking about what I excel at, so I can simply do more of that, which led me to ponder about different artists and their style, their niche, what they are known for. Van Gogh is so well remembered in part to his use of line. You can almost instantly point out a Van Gogh in a group of paintings by this. In part, it became his signature style so-to-speak.

So I had to ask myself; what is my signature style? I am a Maker at heart and always have been, I’m a fluid artist, and I’m an aspiring abstract artist. Ok so those are all titles, but really; what is my signature, my calling card, my niche? This took some thought, perhaps too much thought to be honest, but as I was pondering the answer to my own question, I decided to be productive and worked on a side project, which ended up inspiring me to create a full sized version of it.

It was in that work, when my mind if fully occupied by what is in front of me, I am clear in mind and spirit, and every part of my existence is entwined into what I am putting on that canvas when my best thoughts are born. I then realized I knew what my signature, my calling card, my niche is…at least for now, Gilding.

You may be asking what that is exactly. Gilding, leafing, and probably most popularly known as gold leafing. The very first project I did, the project that made me open my eyes to the possibility that I have a talent that I can and should peruse was gold leafed. In addition, some of my best and favorite pieces have involved Gilding. This enlightenment if-you-will has made me realize that what I am good at, like I said earlier, so I can do more of that, is mixed media. Combing different elements such as gold leaf and paint to create something unique and beautiful is certainly my lane. Moreover, taking something plain, old, and even tattered & torn and breathing new life into it is also my niche.

Sometimes, the answers we seek are right in front of us, we just have to look harder. This week I realized I do in fact have a niche as an artist that makes me unique, and someday I hope someone can look at multiple pieces of art and say, “I can tell that one is a Christeen!” Have a great week everyone now go create something! Christeen