Back in the Saddle Again, blog #12

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Good day readers, and happy Monday to you all! Last week I shared how things were slow going in the studio and that I was finally getting back to work after some health issues set me back. Today I am happy to report that I am back in full swing and getting things made, and beautiful things they are. I would love to share what I have created with you all however, what I made is a Christmas gift for someone who is also an avid reader of my blog so mums the word for now.

Back to the topic at hand, it feels so good to be creating again, even better doing something I have never done before, and even better still, what I did create came out stunning! It is all soo pretty, part of me wants to keep it for myself lol. That is a good feeling for me, not just admiring what I created, but also working and being productive, especially when making something for someone I love. In fact, I have so many projects I need to focus on simultaneously, that I have to play project manager so I am working on the right projects in the right order at the right time. Love it! In blog #10, I discussed lacking motivation. Currently, I am completely opposite that, I am over-motivated. I have all these ideas floating around in my head, I feel I need to start writing them down so I do not forget something brilliant! I have been using Pinterest to keep things at hand when I need inspiration, but that does not help when I have an original idea or concept.

Being back in the saddle again (thank you Aerosmith) is great, ok I know I said that already, and I am looking forward to the busy months ahead with the holidays fast approaching. Furthermore, with the holidays in mind, I am looking forward to working on multiple projects for loved ones. I feel that is when I do the best work, when it is for someone I love, it makes me grateful I get to do what I do. It gives me many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, and even though turkey day will be over along with your leftovers when you read this, I hope you had much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Before I leave you this week, I have to add the reason I felt a blog about getting back to work and feeling good about it was important because it does really feel good to be doing what I do best, so I encourage you all to get out there and do what you do best and get creating. Furthermore, I am a firm believer that positive energy brings positive results. Therefore, I decided to put this post out there, sending positive vibes your way today and all week long, until next week! Christeen