Unfinished Projects

Christeen Street Studios Weekly Blog

Hello readers, happy Monday in the studio.

Today I want to talk about all those unfinished projects we have piling up, you know that corner or closet that is full of things unfinished. Yes all artists, makers, and crafters have them. I certainly have my fair share of incomplete works that never saw fruition. Regardless of why they were never finished, the fact is they are there collecting dust, taking up space, but more so than that, those unfinished pieces keep yelling at you from across the room, screaming!

I don’t know about you, but this is certainly the case for me sometimes; those pieces are a constant reminder of what I haven’t finished, what I gave up on, what I was incapable of accomplishing. Every time I see them, I am immediately reminded of my limitations and failures. I think of revisiting those pieces and say screw that, let’s get this done! But then I remember why I couldn’t or wouldn’t finish that piece and once again I’m staring at that damn screaming pile of projects, unhappy they never reached their full potential, staring back at me; judging me. Moreover, at this point I am feeling defeated once again. Thus, the cycle continues, I save my mental health, give up and walk away from the pile. It’s not going anywhere and I save it for another day; to attempt and conquer what will surly have grown into a mountain.

I’m sure we have all been in this situation at least once, and it’s ok if you have been or are in this situation. If we are not striving to do things we have never done, we will never learn, and I realized my mindset was all wrong. This situation shouldn’t be looked at as a pile of failures, but a pile of attempts, experiments conducted to gather data. Moreover, I have said it once, and shall say it again, as long as we learned something from the experience, it was no failure.

Today I’m going to leave you with that old saying, ‘shoot for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars’. Christeen